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Happy 21st Birthday to Mbongeni!

We are so proud of this young man. He is a valued member of Ikhaya le Themba’s youth leaders team and an amazing leader who is loved by all. On Saturday 12 September 2015 Ikhaya Le Themba together with the youth leaders and community carers planned a surprise birthday party for Mbongeni, we arranged cake, […]

Heritage Day Celebration

We recently celebrated Heritage Day sharing stories while enjoying some tea and cake. We set aside time to celebrate how we have encountered God as He “established the works of our hands”. It was wonderful to reflect on our journey and to discuss the specifics of how each person has contributed so richly to the […]

Greening up Khayalitshe

We had a great time last week with the children from Yomelela School. Each child got given a tin and three spinach seeds, after going through basic plant care, we put them to action! What excitement as each child got to fill up their tin with soil, gently place in their seed and carefully water. These “take-away […]

Mandela Month – Crime Awareness

Another aspect of our Mandela Month was a Crime Awareness initiative held at Yomelela School where local residents were invited to attend a screening of the movie “iBalaclava”. Shot on location in Dunoon, the movie tells a vivid story of the harsh life in the townships where crime is an everyday reality. Afterward, many of […]

Mandela Month – Holiday Club

This years’ holiday club was a huge success, being able to see the Youth leaders step up into their roles was an incredible blessing. A highlight was the craft on day 3 when the children made paper cut outs of themselve’s and glued them together in chains to represent how we are all important parts […]

Mandela Month – Granny Group

Our Granny Group celebrated July as Mandela month by serving their community in prayer. The group split up into teams that hit the street visiting homes, collecting information and praying for the community street by street. On a sadder note, they also said good bye to a special group of Tearfund Volunteers that had been […]

Mandela Month – Sexual Health Workshop

We had the privilege of spending two days with our youth talking about sexual health issues. Thanks to Crossroads Training Curriculum this tender topic was presented by a team of 9 and included games, skits and group work times. The training time helped to bring a clearer understanding of HIV, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and why […]

Cape Town Cycle Tour – Why not cycle for charity?

iKhaya le Themba has applied to be a Charity Group in the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016! We are inviting all enthusiasts to cycle for children and families in need. Ride for a purpose! BENEFITS FOR BEING PART OF OUR TEAM: Knowing that you can make a difference in the community. Team support (Grant Banwell […]