Our hope is to change communities, one life at a time.

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On the 1st October during a visit to Cape Town I had the privilege of spending the morning visiting Khayelitsha with the incredible charity, Ikhaya Le Themba. Having visited a couple of years ago, I was keen to return and volunteer in any way I could. We went with the intention of helping with teaching […]

Last year KFM delivered love to those who needed it most… Now, the journey continues. KFM have opened up nominations where YOU get to tell them about a organisation (that would be us) that needs a little help and what we require… They’ll fill their truck with the things we need most and make a very special delivery! So what […]

Indalo – ‘Gifts of Hope”

Indalo, is Ikhaya le Themba’s Enterprise Development initiative, which empowers unemployed people in Cape Town to build their own business and generate an income. They learn to produce wholesome natural chemical free skin products. We believe that by empowering people with knowledge and skills, communities can be uplifted and transformed.  Through making and selling these natural products, […]

Rakkel Imbondi visits from Namibia

Welcome Rakkel Imbondi. Rakkel arrived a few weeks ago from Aussenkher in Namibia to intern at Ikhaya le Themba for a month. She is a full time employee at the Aussenkher child care centre. The ACCC is also funded by Ikhaya le Themba (IKLT) partners Go Reefers. Through our partnership with GoReefers, IKLT has had […]

An overview of 2014/15

Nelson Mandela once said “It always seems impossible until it’s done”. This year was one of incredible growth in IKLT. We were able to touch so many more lives through our Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Community Development, Enterprise Development and Skills Development programmes. We employed new staff, created more jobs, cared for the sick and […]

Our playdate with Jesus

This weekend we had our bi-monthly playdate and boy, were we blown away by the faith of our children. We had over 150 kids from Khayalitshe join us for a morning of activities, sandwiches and worship. We gathered together and planned the morning. As the team stood in the quad looking towards the ominous clouds, praying […]

Happy 21st Birthday to Mbongeni!

We are so proud of this young man. He is a valued member of Ikhaya le Themba’s youth leaders team and an amazing leader who is loved by all. On Saturday 12 September 2015 Ikhaya Le Themba together with the youth leaders and community carers planned a surprise birthday party for Mbongeni, we arranged cake, […]

Heritage Day Celebration

We recently celebrated Heritage Day sharing stories while enjoying some tea and cake. We set aside time to celebrate how we have encountered God as He “established the works of our hands”. It was wonderful to reflect on our journey and to discuss the specifics of how each person has contributed so richly to the […]