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  • 2017-03-15 | news

This month, we launched our Urban Farming programme for 30 “interns” (grade 5 students). Our programme takes the interns through the cycle of preparation, planting, caring and harvesting of crops grown in containers or crates. Each intern receives a manual and 10 crates to “farm”.

It is great seeing the new farmers taking part in the garden training. Some of our farmers from last year were so happy to be back in the garden as they met new friends! The most exciting thing they experienced was making their name tags and knowing they were created for a reason – they were created to belong to the family of Jesus.

The training takes place each Wednesday afternoon for 1 hour. Our hope is that the children will duplicate their skills at their own homes providing a steady source of food for their family. With this in mind, Ikhaya Le Themba runs an annual “Home Garden Competition” for the interns culminating in an event that celebrates the best home garden.

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