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  • 2017-04-19 | news

On the 31st of March Trafalgar High School hosted a Fun Day where they invited Ikhaya Le Themba and the students from Yomelela Primary School to join in a day of activities. There were a variety of games, shows, activities and hotdogs! The students from Yomelela were blown away by the love and generosity of Trafalgar High School and all the volunteers. It was a day they would surely remember. Take a minute to read the feedback from Masibulele Sani, THS Interact Club President:

Dear Bobby

My name is Masibulele Sani, the TrafalgarHigh School Interact club President, and I’m writing this letter to send a special thank you to all those who made the fun day a success on the 31st of March 2017

At the beginning of this term our club decided to host a special day for the children where we could just dedicate a full day to having fun and spending time with the learners of Yomelele Primary School. 

The collaboration of our club and Ikhaya la Themba proved to be fruitful because we all worked together in order to make the day as fun and as natural as possible for our little guests. However, the outcome of the day would not be a reality if it were not for the unparalleled efforts of our beloved interact facilitator Mrs Murray because she when we felt discouraged at some moments during the course of our planning stages, she was always there to inspire us in realising the great intensions of our plans and when needed she would take matters into her own hands countless times. 

At the beginning of the day we did not know what to expect; whether or not everything would go as planned because this was our first “big” event as a club. However, as soon as the little children walked inside our hall, and we saw the excitement in their eyes, all our worries melted away. The children enjoyed an afternoon of fun and games which ended off with a magic show and yummy lunch. 

So a special thank you to Ikhaya la Themba and all the children who were present on the day and we hope the Fun Day was as memorable for them as it is for us.

Warm regards

Masibulele Sani
From the Ikhaya Le Themba team, we would like to thank Trafalgar High School and the Interact Club for partnering with us and blessing our children in such a fun and loving way!

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