Resilient Kids Training: TMT

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  • 2019-02-13 | news

At the end of 2018, Ikhaya Le Themba took a leap of faith and approached TMT (Timothy Ministry Training) to partner with us. We were so excited at the thought as we would be partnering with an amazing group of people that carry the same heart for Kingdom living. The idea is that we would work alongside each other on the TMT Love Days and have the students help reach the community in the Winelands. With this in mind we realise that the circumstances that the amazing young students would face along the way might be very tough so it only made sense to provide TMT with our Resilient Kids Training. The course helps adults/parents/caregivers/children's workers understand the needs and circumstances of a child and equips that person to navigate through difficult emotions to build resilience in the affected child.

Two weeks prior to the training, Barbara and Kay from Resilient Kids trained the Ikhaya Le Themba team on how to facilitate the training. It was an insightful time for the team forming a strong bond and great expectations of the impact the training would have on the TMT Students. After a week of planning and preparation, the team were ready to launch in Wellington.

Monday started with everyone being well prepared but rather nervous. It was wonderful to see the confidence of our team grow as they engaged with the students. Many of the TMT Students admitted that they were not too keen to attend the training but as the day unfolded they were hooked! The games and experiential learning sessions gave them a deeper understanding of the importance of identity, value and how to build resilient in a child.

Our teams were fired up and confident by Tuesday morning. The students loved the simple techniques used to demonstrate prejudice. Their skits on good and bad listening were most amusing yet powerful. Wholehearted participation throughout the day knitted hearts together and gave a bit of insight as to where everybody is at. The creativity was amazing as each team put together their “Child” (see the pics below).

The Students really took presenting the normal development of a child very seriously. This set the platform for the “bad stuff happens” activities to follow. Working through trauma, child abuse, grief and loss was hard work, as the topics stirred emotions in our facilitators and the TMT students. Each and every one really put their heart into presenting their allocated topics well. Wednesday ended early as everyone was rather exhausted after the hot, sensitive day.

Thursday focused on self-care with teams presenting concepts, games and activities. The presentation of the items the students had made with clay was very special as they shared the meaning of the sculptures they had created – once again the creativity was amazing.

All too soon Friday dawned with the groups planning on how to use the skills and knowledge they had acquired. A review of their expectations confirmed that the week was a wonderful time of equipping teams ready to build resilience into the children they will be serving in the Winelands district this year.

Well done to the wonderful facilitators – Bobby, Henre, Phila and Ayanda -  I’m humbled and overwhelmed by the gift God has given to Ikhaya Le Themba – you are awesome!

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Foundations being strengthened with Teacher’s Assistants

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  • 2018-07-04 | news

This year has seen many new developments for Ikhaya Le Themba, one of the highlights so far is our Learnership Programme that we have rolled out to Yomelela Primary School in Khayelitsha. At the start of May, we had 17 Learnership Candidates start a mentorship program with Ikhaya Le Themba. These individuals are young adults between the ages of 19 and 30, with matric certification. The SETA Training Board will be paying these candidates a small salary each month to attend the course, they will also receive training from one of the SETA accredited service providers. At the end of the year, these amazing young adults will walk away with a Business Administration Qualification. Ikhaya Le Themba’s role is coaching and mentoring twice a week in specific skills such as Teacher Assistants, General Building Maintenance as well as Workplace Readiness. This initiative saw us introduce 15 Teacher's Assistants into the classrooms, with the goal of helping academically challenged learners to better understand the work and focus on developing them at their own pace. We have already seen great progress with the children at Yomelela Primary impacted by the Teacher’s Assistants in the classroom. Many of whom were not able to read or write in English at the start of the second term. We have applied with SETA to roll out the same program to another two schools with the hopes of obtaining funding for our Skills Development Program.

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Swimming for the children

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  • 2017-07-05 | news

Graham Esterhuizen from team C-Vive, the relay swimming team who did the “Freedom Swim” on the 8th April to raise funds for the Ikhaya Le Themba, Khayelitsha Swimming Outreach Programme was so inspired by the relay swim! He wanted to achieve the full swim “solo”. He trained hard and did the solo swim on 3rd July, only 3 months later. He did a sterling swim in 2hrs 40minutes and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

We used the opportunity to raise funds again for the Khayelitsha Swimming Outreach Programme and managed to raise R2 702.00. There will be a draw for the prize of R1000.00 Jerry’s Burger Bar voucher shortly. “Every cent raised is a contribution to a saved, changed and empowered life!! Thank you to all our sponsors toward this valuable community development programme.

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