Yomelela Urban Farming Programme

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  • 2017-03-15 | news

This month, we launched our Urban Farming programme for 30 “interns” (grade 5 students). Our programme takes the interns through the cycle of preparation, planting, caring and harvesting of crops grown in containers or crates. Each intern receives a manual and 10 crates to “farm”.

It is great seeing the new farmers taking part in the garden training. Some of our farmers from last year were so happy to be back in the garden as they met new friends! The most exciting thing they experienced was making their name tags and knowing they were created for a reason – they were created to belong to the family of Jesus.

The training takes place each Wednesday afternoon for 1 hour. Our hope is that the children will duplicate their skills at their own homes providing a steady source of food for their family. With this in mind, Ikhaya Le Themba runs an annual “Home Garden Competition” for the interns culminating in an event that celebrates the best home garden.

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Felicia’s Love Feast!

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  • 2017-03-06 | news

On Saturday we celebrated Felicia Mzimkulu’s 85th Birthday. Felicia was the very first carer of Ikhaya Le Themba and the leader of our carers for many years. Her heart and passion for the people in her community has been an inspiration to all who know her and she has set the bar for the carers of Ikhaya Le Themba.

15 On Orange kindly provided an amazing spread of treats. The Ikhaya Le Themba Youth (including Snazo one of Felicia’s grandchildren) arrived early to decorate the Yomelela School Hall. The stage was set for us all to pour out our blessings on “Nogwash” our Felicia! As she arrived in the hall, Falicia was greeted by all her friends singing songs and showering her with gifts. It was amazing to witness their love and affection for her.

Each person came forward to honour her for what she had done in their lives. Felicia’s love, servant heart and healing hands had touched all the ladies and their families present. Her response left everyone in tears… It was a wonderful time of encouragement and appreciation of a LEGEND in the community.

She was so excited to open all her gifts and enjoy all the food. Everybody enjoyed the lip the smacking feast – for many it was the first time to tasted hand crafted delicacies. It was a perfect occasion to celebrate the life and legacy of Felicia Mzimkulu.

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Resilient Training kicks off!

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  • 2017-02-21 | news

Majority of the children and their families in underprivileged communities have experienced loss and trauma in their lives. Resilient Kids training creates an awareness of the socio/psych needs of vulnerable children in the community and provides tools to begin addressing the needs. This training will empower all participants of Masifunde to mentor children and their families with confidence.

The Masifunde programme empowers Teachers, Classroom Assistants and parents to work together to help ensure that children with learning/behavioural challenges remain in their main stream grades. The programmes gives an overview of the physiology of FAS, skills on techniques used to promote learning and how to address/handle behavioural problems.

The training has been developed by “Resilient Kids”, an NGO who has worked in the field for several years with great success. Initial training is held over 5 days and will equip trainers to present the training to the Masifunde participants, Staff, Carers and the general community as required.

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