We know that without our partners and sponsors we would not be able to reach as many lives as we do. We believe in establishing long term relationships and capturing the heart of companies and individuals; without this we would be nothing but a NPO expecting a hand out. Many of our beneficiaries are facing  difficult situations and for us to find a solution we need to make connections with the right people.

Relationships are important to us. We want to create a lasting agreement; where our partners trust us and feel like their contributions are making a difference. When a partnership is entered into, we pride ourselves on open lines of communication and clear guidelines. There are various ways that individuals and companies can get involved: 

Sweat hours - spending a few hours with our team on the ground in our Community Gardens, at our OVC Playdates or presenting workshops to our Youth, Granny Group or Skills Development candidates. 

Donations of second hand goods - we have many people that can benefit from items that you may not need or want anymore. 

Donations of supplies - we are always needing donations for all of our initiatives, if your company has anything that would like to donate, we will gladly distribute it to our beneficiaries. (Stationery, Printing, equipment found on our wish list)

Donation of resources - we know that there are individuals and companies who are skilled and better equipped in a vast range of industries, we welcome this knowledge base and sharing of resources.

Financial contributions - this one goes without saying but we cannot function as a NGO without continued financial partnerships and contributions. No matter how big or small the amount we are grateful for every cent. We are transparent in what we do and will keep partners up to date with how projects are running or where funds are being allocated. 

Project partnerships - if your company would like to partner with a particular project and help establish an initiative with us, we would love to hear your heart. 

Fundraising initiatives - if you have an idea on how to raise funds on our behalf we would love to partner with you, it can be anything from a benefit concert or Payroll Giving. We also host various fundraisers during the year, at these events we like to auction off prizes or use items/vouchers as giveaways. We are always in need of sponsorship for things like venues, catering, decor, etc. 

If any of the above areas speak to you as an individual or your organisation, please contact kim@iklethemba.co.za and we can arrange a meeting to see how we can collaborate.