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We believe that empowering people to start their own community business is an effective way of alleviating poverty in the long term. Work is an essential part of life, giving unemployed folk the opportunity to provide for themselves and others. Work is God-given, and working hard is part of being a disciple of Jesus. We have seen many people standing taller after acquiring a skill and starting to earn an income – enabling them to share and uplift others within their community and families.

Thrift Store

Our Thrift Store has a collection of clothing and household items donated mostly by members of the public. These items are sorted and community sales are held each month to sell these items for as little as R2. Many folk from the community have resold these items to generate an extra income for their families.

Community Skills Development Garden

The Community Skills Development Garden began as a way to help community members provide food for themselves, their families and fresh produce for our Soup Kitchen. The programme mentors individuals in gardening and business skills with a biblical view on “How does God see work”, we have seen how the gardens give a sense of self-worth to those involved. It has opened up opportunities to people previously unemployed to earn an income and provide for their families. As well as a learnership program with the less academic grade 5 pupils from Yomela Primary School.


Indalo is the manufacturer/producer and distributer/supplier of local, natural and wholesome products and produce; from the local community to the local community. It is an exciting project as we have seen it grow into a business. The three major projects at the moment are Indalo Skin Care, Indalo Micro-greens and our Hungry Tummy Packs. These income generating business model projects provide an income for the local community members. 

The Indalo Skin Care range is 100% natural, chemical free beauty products. These were originally developed to help patients who were suffering from skin conditions while bed ridden. We quickly discovered the benefits of the products and now have a range of 13 products including a baby and sensitive skin range.

Indalo Micro-greens is a branch off the Community Gardens, the quality of produce that was being grown earned the praise of top restaurants in Cape Town. We developed a business model whereby we are able to provide sole proprietor gardeners the opportunity to produce top quality micro-greens.

To find out more about Indalo Natural Local Together click here.