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National Child Protection Month is a time where we acknowledge the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse and neglect. As an NPO we nurture the community by teaching life-skills and social development enabling vulnerable children to develop as independent individuals, contributing to the future of SA. As such we have adopted our Love2Care campaign that will run throughout the year.

We invite you to join our Love2Care campaign, where you can sponsor some of our 500 registered Orphans and Vulnerable Children (age 4 to 15 years) with opportunities to build into their lives and provide necessities in their daily lives.

A sponsorship of just R10 per day (R300 per child per month) can provide the following:

  • Play dates offering nutritious snacks, drinks, fruit, crafts/games and life skills
  • School stationary packs
  • School shoes and socks
  • Special annual Easter celebrations with yummy Easter eggs, and bibles
  • Winter woollies pack containing items such as blankets, hats, scarves, warm clothes etc.
  • Holiday Clubs
  • Access to Hungry Tummy Packs, Garden Produce or Skincare products made by sole proprietors of Khayelitsha under our subsidiary Indalo
  • Ensure a OVC manager, and assistant from the local community, is in place to provide individual care in children and families that are in crisis
  • Critical operational costs are in place to ensure ILT’s ability and sustainability to provide community development services

The funds are pooled so that all the children get equal help. Provision of these opportunities and items is dependent on the amount of sponsorship, our aim is to obtain partners who would be willing to sponsor some of our 500 children over the next year. 

If you wish to commit to a monthly sponsorship of R300 over the next year, please click the button below. (A monthly email will be sent to remind you of your pledge.)