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Ikhaya Le Themba places a strong emphasis on accountability and transparency, we have an amazing Board of Directors who are constantly looking at better ways to serve the community. Let’s introduce them to you:

Grant Banwell

Member of Ikhaya Le Themba Board

Grant is a non-executive member of the Ikhaya Le Themba Board. He also serves as a Directing Elder of a local church and a Director of the Four12 global partnership of churches.

Grant considers it a privilege to be part of the Ikhaya Le Themba Board and to work with the incredible team that God has blessed the organisation with. He has a deep love for people and for God and believes that it is through faithfulness to both that the nation can be changed.

Before Grant got called into serving the Lord full-time, he was a Director of an architectural practice. He is married to his childhood sweetheart Kim and they have four children, Claudia, Hannah, Judah and Jedidiah.

Kim Du Toit

Group Media Manager and Member of Ikhaya Le Themba Board

Kim is the Group Media Manager at Ikhaya Le Themba and part of the Board of Directors. She overseas the design and communication for the group and loves working on strategies with the team. She had volunteered in the early years, spending time with the carers as well as joining the odd playdate. When the opportunity  presented itself, she gladly joined the Ikhaya Le Themba family. 

Kim has a 3 year diploma in Graphic and Editorial Design and over 15 years experience in strategic communication and design, working for below  line agencies as well as an international corporate in their marketing department. Before joining Ikhaya Le Themba, she freelanced working for a wide range of clients and gaining a world of knowledge.

She is passionate about design but even more passionate about God and her family. Her husband, Jacques and two children keep her on her feet and constantly laughing. 

Lucy Govender

Financial Manager and Member of Ikhaya Le Themba Board

Lucy is the Financial Manager at Ikhaya Le Themba and serves on the Board of Directors.

Lucy graduated from the University of South Africa with a BComm Degree and has completed her articles. Since 1996, she has worked at some well-established accounting firms, gaining extensive experience in all spheres of accounting, tax and audit. Lucy’s last firm was an International Audit Firm where she practiced as a senior manager.

Together with her husband, Peter, she also serves passionately with gratitude and much love as a deaconess at a local church and is also a proud mum to her two beautiful daughters. Her deep love for God and a purpose driven life in his Kingdom has laid a strong foundation for her to serve in Ikhaya Le Themba. Lucy is excited about adding value to the lives of people as she wholeheartedly uses her financial expertise and skills.

Theresa Richardson

Enterprise Development Manager and Member of Ikhaya Le Themba Board

Theresa is one of the founding members and the visionary of Ikhaya Le Themba. She currently oversees Ikhaya Le Themba Enterprise Development program.

Theresa comes from a nursing background and worked as a Unit Manager at N1 City Hospital’s Medical ward. It is this background together with her heart for the poor and vulnerable, that inspired the birth of Ikhaya Le Themba a as an organisation providing Home Based Care to the terminally and chronically ill.

Over the years, she has seen Ikhaya Le Themba’s work transform lives and bring hope to many families. She has found working in the community to be the “University of Life”, filled with wonderfully diverse people and cultures. Theresa’s passion is to see communities encounter and experience God as Ikhaya Le Themba comes alongside to help overcome social challenges in a simple, practical way.

Ian Richardson

Special Projects Manager and Member of Ikhaya Le Themba Board

Together with his wife Theresa, Ian is one of the founding members and directors of Ikhaya Le Themba.

For Ian, working in different communities and with people of diverse cultures, brings many challenges but even more wonderful “rewards”. Through Ikhaya le Themba, Ian has seen lives transformed and hope and joy brought to many.

As Ikhaya Le Themba’s Special Projects Manager, Ian is responsible for ensuring that the organisation operates according to the “plumb line”. His passion is to help people in their understanding of Scripture and to experience God as they put their newly acquired skills to work helping others and building strong communities.

Ian spent 22 years in the Engineering Design / Quality Assurance / Research & Development industry. Before becoming involved with Ikhaya Le Themba, he was self-employed practicing architectural design and building project management.

Lon Whelan

Chairman of Ikhaya Le Themba 

Lon and Ann-Margaret Whelan are originally from San Clemente, California. While on outreach, one of the JoshGen church ministries, Ikhaya Le Themba (meaning Home of Hope), invited Lon on a trip to a township called Khayelitsha. The scope of poverty and poor living conditions of the community left Lon feeling like there was more that could be done. The years that followed included financing many Ikhaya Le Themba projects, fundraising in the USA on their behalf, and outreach trips to physically help with whatever was required. South Africa had become more than just an outreach— it was a passion.

In 2017, Lon and Ann-Margaret decided to lay down their lives in the USA and relocate to South Africa. They have immersed themselves in the culture and lives of the South African people and become full-time volunteers for Ikhaya Le Themba. Due to the long-standing role that Lon has played in the organisation we brought him on as Community Development Director, he has always carried the heart and vision of the organization. He will be working hands-on with the team. His ‘think big’ perspective has blown wind in Ikhaya Le Themba’s sails.