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InTheBeginningThis incredible ministry was birthed in 2003 through Ian and Theresa Richardson. God had planted a vision in their hearts to empower communities, throughout Southern Africa, to take care of the terminally and chronically ill and to deal with the implications of illness and death within the community.

The call was not only to meet physical needs, but spiritual, economic and social as well. What started out as Home Based Care, soon developed into caring for grannies, orphans and vulnerable children, wellness support groups, micro business programs for recovering patients, soup kitchens and much more.

A testimony by Ian & Tess Richardson 

ian & tess“In the beginning there were no funds. All we had was the contents of our home and our personal resources. And so we trained up local people from the townships, equipping them to take care of patients within their communities on a total budget of R150 a month. Our model of Home Based Care was different to most others because our focus was on serving God and the ripple effect of that was serving others. Our volunteer workers “laid down their lives” by washing the feet of the needy, both literally and symbolically.

Over the years God has revealed His mercy, grace and miracle healing power. His heart for reconciliation and His anger towards injustice, He has taken care of our personal needs. None of us have ever gone hungry, we are well clothed and live in safe and comfortable homes. As we have stepped out in faith in His calling, He has always provided for our financial needs.

Today we are still witnessing miracles, healing and salvations amongst the people we work with. We continually see many of them discipled into beautiful ambassadors of Jesus Christ here on earth. We work in full partnership with a Cape Town based church and facilitate the influx of volunteers from all the congregations, as well as the public, who want to serve and minister to the poor.