Behind the incredible work of Ikhaya Le Themba there is a team of hard working and committed people who are dedicated to the values of flexibility, love, generosity, purpose and relationship. Let’s introduce them to you:

Bobby Teichert

Community Development Manager

Bobby joined the Ikhaya Le Themba team in September 2013, as the Orphan and Vulnerable Children’s Manager. As such, she oversees all projects that relate to children. Over the years her valuable input and dedication has grown her portfolio and now serves as the Community Development Manager.

Having graduated from The Global School of Theology in the Western Cape with a BA degree, Bobby felt a missionary call over her life from early on.

She has a passion for youth at risk and has recently completed her degree in Psychological Counselling through Unisa, with the desire to get involved in trauma counselling in the future.

Ayanda Asive Mjekule

OVC Assistant

Ayanda has been with ILT since 2007 when she was one of our first “Play date” children. She remained committed to the OVC programme and was one of our first youth leaders. After matriculating at Mathew Goniwe Memorial High School in 2014, Ayanda attended Northlink College where she studied Educare but after 1 year realised that the course was not giving her the skills she desired. In her spare time and weekends she continued to volunteer at ILT assisting Bobby with the grades and pre-school children at the Play dates. In her own words “I just love to help my Aunt to care for my younger niece and nephew and love spending time with needy children”.

Ayanda is now part of the ILT team responsible for the care and mentoring of our OVC’s. She would like to complete her studies sometime in the near future but is happy just being with people who support and care for each other.

Felicia Mzimkulu (Nagwash)

Home Based Care: Khayelitsha

Felicia Mzimkulu who has been with ILT since 2003 is a pillar in her community. Felicia is deeply loved by all as a person who has lived to love and serve others. She also has a deep regard for the wellbeing of children and has been an icon of hope for all who have had the privilege of knowing her.

Norah Camalatha

Home Based Care: Khayelitsha

Norah Camalata has been with ILT since 2003. Norah is one of the cornerstones of ILT’s ministry into thecommunity of Site B. In her gracefulness, Norah has sought to make friendships with others different from herself, to help the sick and encourage others, especially the Gogo group, through prayer and support.

Cynthia Stenge

Home Based Care: Khayelitsha

Cynthia Stenge has worked for ILT since 2003. Cynthia, who is a home-based carer, also has a deep love for children. She has done a wonderful job of raising three amazing children who are all involved with ILT projects in a big way. Cynthia has a desire to love all people equally and give them an assurance that although they face many tough challenges, there is hope.

Albertina Pani

Home Based Care: Khayelitsha

Albertina Pani has been with ILT since 2003. With her sweet and loving nature believes all we do, we do for Jesus. She has seen many changes in her community during her time at ILT, one of which has been a positive change in the lives of the children. Albertina desires to be an example to the children, serving her patients and enjoys working in the gardens.

Nongeniselo Dayimani (Monica)

Home Based Care: Khayelitsha

Monica Dayimani who has been with ILT since 2003, has been a wonderful addition to our home-based care staff. She is a servant-hearted woman who can always be seen assisting those in need. Monica desires to make a positive impact on her community through her loving and caring nature.

Nokonwaba Stuurman

Home Based Care: Khayelitsha

Nokonwaba Stuurman has been with ILT since 2008. As a home base care worker, Nokonwaba loves to see her patients getting healthier. Nokonwaba believes that through her exposure to ILT and the opportunity to meet a ‘different kind of people’ her attitude towards people was changed for the better. She desires that ILT would continue to grow and gain more sponsorship.

Cetyiswa Mdingi (Nokwanda)

Home Based Care: Khayelitsha

Nokwanda Mdingi, who has been with ILT since 2003, is a vibrant and special lady. As one of the youngest home-based care staff she has served others with a gracious heart since the very beginning of ILT. Nokwanda has a heart to treat others with equal respect and to see ILT continue to move forward in the good work of helping those in need.

Nyameka Ndyavuthwa

Home Based Care: Khayelitsha

Nyameka Ndyavuthwa has been employed by ILT since 2008 as a home-based care worker. Nyameka was taken in as a patient diagnosed with a terminal illness. Through the love and support she received from ILT she made a miraculous recovery and later joined the team. Nyameka loves people and her community and has a desire to see ILT’s reach increase.

Nopindile Mayeki

Home Based Care: Khayelitsha

Nophindile Mayeki has been part of ILT since 2003. Nophindile has a beautiful, quiet and gentle nature. She takes pride in all she does. She sees herself as a care giver and loves God and caring for people. For Nophindile, ILT has become a place which offers ‘a shoulder to cry on’.

Soyiso Ntoyaphi (Sidwell)

Home Based Care: Khayelitsha

Sidwell who has also been with ILT since 2003 has been such a blessing as one of the few male staff members amongst the beautiful roses. In his role as a home-based care worker loves to assist the most needy and has a knack for massage therapy to those affected by arthritis. Part of Sidwell’s personal success story is in valuing education for his children and to date has seen three of them graduate from tertiary institutions. Sidwell desires that he would be seen as a good father and an example to all our children.

Nomaphelo Mtungata

Home Based Care: Khayelitsha

Nomaphelo Mtungata who only joined ILT in 2008 has become a key staff member on the ground in Khayelitsha. Nomaphelo’s organizational skills have pulled many of our projects together to become the successes they are today. Nomaphelo desires to see ILT continue to improve and become a place of shade for those in need of a covering.


Cecilia Siyo

Home Based Care: Khayelitsha

Cecilia Siyo has been a wonderful addition to the gardening project. She is always friendly and willing to assist in any way needed. Cecilia has ben a member of the Gogo group and most of her children have come through ILT projects over the years. Cecilia loves children and is a blessing as she faithfully serves at all our children’s programmes.


Cynthia Ntshebetu

Home Based Care: Khayelitsha

Cynthia who has been part of ILT since 2003 has been a strong tower within her community. She draws her strength from prayer and the word of God and believes we love by loving God and that begins at home. She has a desire to see others care for each other. Cynthia has served as a home-based care worker for many years and still loves to serve the sick and needy but with her love for agriculture, has made a shift in spending most of her time lovingly tending to the ILT gardens.