Children’s Ministry



Since 2009, Ikhaya Le Themba has hosted play dates and holiday clubs for children in Khayelitsha and more recently Wellington. The heart of the ministry is to provide a safe environment for children to hear the gospel, learn life skills, play games and enjoy a nutritious snack. These events are hosted in communities by teams of willing volunteers.

More recently Ikhaya Le Themba has partnered with Kids Around The World an NGO that operates  worldwide from the United States. We have been trained to present “kidstory” at the playdates – it is a means of sharing the gospel in a way that engages facilitators and children to learn about and understand God’s word simply enough to share with others.


Ikhaya Le Themba facilitates Youth ministries when possible in conjunction with Joshua Generation Church and Timothy Ministries Training teams. These events are enjoyed by children between the ages of 12 -15 and are useful to impart good values, fun, fellowship and food while sharing the gospel.

These times of team ministry have proved to create an environment of trust,  where children with problems feel safe to share life’s struggles with those who are able to facilitate change.






We are always keen partner with businesses and individuals in our various projects, with Children’s Ministry there are items that are always in need, this includes educational equipment / supplies and items for nutritious snacks..

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